The Alpha Alpha Chapter of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.


We are the Alpha Alpha Chapter of the Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. located at George Mason University. Kappa Phi Lambda is an Asian-interest sorority grounded in sisterhood, service, and cultural diversity and is represented at 30 different university campuses with over 2500+ sisters nationwide. There’s no sisterhood quite like the Kappa sisterhood, and we want you to get the chance to experience it for yourself!

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Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority is an organization which prides itself on its sense of commitment to cultural diversity and strong bonds of sisterhood. However, our other primary focus is to offer our service to the community. Community and culture is largely what has made us the strong and independent women we are today. It is for these reasons that we want to reciprocate and give back to the communities around us. Sisters participate in individual community service events of their choice, as well as those which we support as a whole and unified organization. Each respective school has also designated at least one local non-profit organization as their philanthropic cause. The sorority predominately focuses on contributing to domestic violence organizations, all the while maintaining its sense of diversity by fundraising for other types of causes of concern.